nicubunu presents: a Fedora WEBCOMIC - A Fedora WEBCOMIC: The Cast of Characters

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The Cast

Here is a list with the characters featured in the webcomic, with a bit of background info about each and, most important, the source code, in SVG format, so you can create your own webcomic (under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License).

The Hero (Heroes)

Any story needs a hero, someone who saves the day everyday. The main character.
[boy-hero] [girl-hero] [bearded-hero]

The webcomic does not have one single hero but more of a collective hero, which can be represented by one of his/her many faces. You will find various genders, races, styles, moods, diversity it the key. But sure thing, they have some things in common.

He/she is not a classic, boring, hero, but a modern one, with ups and downs, qualities and flaws. Just like you. And you can become a hero too.

The User

You'll meet the user in many stories, she is an important character, often helping to set up the plot.

She may look like a stereotype, as she is female and blonde, but she is not stupid, she is a representative of the general, "mainstream" public. Her questions may seems naive at times, but so are the questions coming from any "normal" user.

The Enterprise Guy

The Enterprise Guy is a slick guy.

He may be a corporate salesman, a lawyer or a big shot executive. He is sometime friendly, sometime arrogant, sometime hard to read, but overall is not a bad guy.

The Alternative Guy

We love make fun of the Alternative Guy. A lot of fun, he is a perfect target.

He does not want to be part of the mainstream culture, so he go with the alternative. But not so alternative, he chose the mainstream of the alternative. So he is not just a mainstream sheep, just a different kind of sheep.

The Sweaty Fatman

Everybody needs a villain and the Sweaty Fatman is a "good" villain: both scary and ridiculous.
[sweaty fatman]

He is not only fat, ugly and scary but he is also sweaty and smells bad. He like to throw chairs, scream "Developers! Developers! Developers!" and wipe his ass with 100$ bills.

The Reality Distorter

The Reality Distorter is a strange kind of guy (or at least we like to believe he is a guy).
[reality distorter]

He lives in his own reality, firmly believing is fairy tales and consider himself an alternative, superior person. He throws large amounts of money on useless things promoted by his guru because he think that's cool, his guru is a genius and this makes him more "alternative".


There is a number of items (expect their number to grow in time) which can be used in the webcomic as props, when the situation needs it:
[laptop][laptop][laptop][laptop][display][porn][board][moviecamera][newspaper][paper][paper roll][chair][banner][flag][sign][crate][stone block][cash][weapons][balloon]


To illustrate the emotions of the characters in various circumstances, here are a number of emotion indicative symbols which can be used as needed:


For the text used in the dialogs, a Free font was needed, so initially I used handfont from the Open Font Library by Benji Park (released as Public Domain) is used.
[handfont sample]

After a while I changed to another font, Rufscript by H Factor and the chang was welcomed by my readers, who considered it more readable. This is also a Free font, licensed under GNU GPL version 3 + Font Exception.
[rufscript sample]

Strip templates

For maximum convenience, here are a few empty strip frames (templates) in the most common formats, which can be used to quickly assemble a webcomic (but original combinations are encouraged too).

The most used, is the strip with 3 frames: one to set the premise, another to develop the story and a third to deliver the punch:

[strip template]

For cases when the comic is a two step joke, here is a 2 frames strip template:

[strip template]


For the launch of this website I ran a small countdown ans advertisment on my blog. The graphics used on it are made with the same building blocks as the webcomic and can easily be considered samples for it (and can be used for future strips):


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