Fedora Artwork

This page contain some artwork concepts related more or less to the Fedora (some more recent and some from when it was still known as Core).

Have fun!
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This page was heavily restructured and parts of it were moved in more appropriate sections:

Fedora Logos

I made those for my own use back then when the official SVG sources were not readily available:
logo logo logo logo logo
3D effects applied on the logo (you need at least Firefox 3 Beta 1 for correct display of the SVG):
logo logo logo

Powered by Fedora Buttons

powered by fedora powered by fedora powered by fedora


Notebook Stickers

powered by fedora powered by fedora powered by fedora powered by fedora powered by fedora powered by fedora

Funny Stickers

fedora sticker


Those are graphics with a specific size, intended for use in the block singature on internet discussion forums. Avalilable in 3 flavors, for users, developers and ambassadors:
userbar user

userbar developer

userbar ambassador

Banners and buttons

Web banners and buttons:
fedora banner

Logo practical applications:

A set of marbles which can be used in various games:
game marbles
Just like the marbles above, only shaped as bubbles:
game marbles game marbles




Diagrams illustrating Fedora's structure and governance:
structure governance

Hat Logos

Abstract Shapes:
logo logo
Derived from the pupicon:
Those are NOT endorsed by either Fedora or Red Hat
logo logo logo logo logo logo


Happy faces wearing fedoras
pacman smile
Fedora Games cartoons
pacman pacman smile
Werewolf was the codename for Fedora 8, here are a few graphics with this theme:
werewolf werewolf werewolf werewolf werewolf werewolf
Kick ass concept inspired by Joshua
donkey donkey
A scape goat inspired by Jeff
goat goat


t-shirt t-shirt
t-shirt t-shirt
t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt


me me

My main cartoons repository is here
Wallpaper collection here
My Fedora pages

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